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This is me in my happy place; exploring a foreign country, high up in the mountains, on a warm sunny day.

Hi, I'm Jennifer, but I go by Jenny (cue the Forrest Gump accent).  I was born and raised in Richmond, VA and I am currently working towards my Master's degree at VCU's Brandcenter for art direction.

I am happiest when I can surround myself with creative and exploratory experiences, whether it be traveling, painting, or discovering new music.

More about me:

  • I simultaneously love and hate cooking.

  • As a kid, I dreamed of being a dolphin trainer. That phase has passed, but I still have an affinity for aquariums and ocean life

  • My background is in product design, and Scandinavian design is some of my favorite. (I studied abroad there in undergrad)

  • To me, nothing is better than a mountaintop view.

  • I am both a dreamer and a realist

  • I'm convinced I should have been born in Wisconsin for my love of cheese.

  • I have dabbled in just about every form of art, from music to digital and fine arts, photography, dance, and even cosmetics.



Jennifer Ritter 
Richmond, VA